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Life Stories

A typical life story project covers the storyteller's entire life, from birth to the present. This is usually referred to as an autobiography. Sometimes, however, a storyteller will want to tell the story of a particular time period or aspect of their life. This is usually referred to as a memoir. The process is the same for both types of projects.

See an overview of the process here.

Manuscript Development

The first part of the process for creating a life story book is the development of the manuscript. This includes recorded interviews, transcription of the interviews, organizing the material into chapters, and editing each sentence so the narrative flows while maintaining your authentic first-person voice.

Pricing for Manuscript Development:

  • $650 per interview hour (most storytellers need 10 -15 hours for an entire life story)


Interviews or writing already done and just need help getting it over the finish line? Contact me for a custom quote.


Book Design

The second part of the process is book design and printing. This includes creating a custom design for the interior of the book, setting the text, incorporating photos, designing the book cover, and overseeing the printing process. I use professional book design software Adobe InDesign and I work with you to create a look that fits your taste and best showcases your stories and photos.

Pricing for Book Design:

  • $1000 design fee

  • $10/1000 words in the manuscript (most manuscripts are approximately 40,000 words)

  • $5/photo (includes basic photo editing)

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Photo scanning: $50 + $2/photo

  • Custom quote for speciality design elements like a family tree

  • Upload PDF of book to Family Search: $100

*Please note that the printing of the book is not included in my fees. The cost of printing the book will depend on the book specifications and number of copies. I usually use Edition One for printing. However, if mass distribution is a priority, I recommend Barnes and Noble Press or Blurb. For whatever printer you choose, I will prepare the book files according to their specifications and oversee the printing process to ensure your book looks exactly as you want it.

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