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Custom Project

Have you already completed part of the process yourself but just need help taking it to the finish line? I provide these services a la carte:

  • Transcription

  • Manuscript development

  • Editing and proofreading

  • Book design and printing

Or maybe you have an idea for a book that is not traditional -- a tribute book for a loved one who has passed away, a family cookbook, or a love story for a special anniversary. Let me help you bring your vision to life! 



 Interviewing and Writing

  • $400 per recorded interview hour if I conduct the interview—includes interviewing, transcription, editing, review, proofreading.

  • $350 per hour of recorded audio provided to me (if someone else has completed the interviews).

  • Already done the writing yourself but need help to get it polished up? Price varies for writing and editing services depending on how much work is needed --- i.e. thorough editing, manuscript organization, proofreading only, etc. I will need to see a sample of the writing to provide a quote.

Book Design and Printing

(One flat fee and two additional fees based on word count and number of photos.)

  • $500 Design Fee. Includes discussing client’s vision for the look and feel of the book, deciding on page size, fonts, and colors, cover design; sending to client for approval, and one revision of the design.

  • $10 per 1000 Words. Based on final word count of the manuscript and includes typesetting/formatting the text in chosen fonts and styles; creating chapter openers, headings, page numbers, running headers, and pull quotes; incorporating stock images and other visual elements not provided by client.

  • $5 per Image. Includes incorporation of images (photos, document scans, etc.) into the book design and light photo editing (color correction, spot removal, brightness/contrast). Images need to be provided to me digitally at a resolution of 300 DPI for high quality printing.

*Please note that the printing of the book is not included in my fees. The cost of printing the book will depend on the book specifications and number of copies. I usually use Edition One for printing. However, if mass distribution is a priority, I recommend Blurb. For either printer you choose, I will prepare the book files according to their specifications and oversee the printing process to ensure your book looks exactly as you want it.

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