Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a life story project cost?

Some projects do have a set price and include a defined number of interview hours or book pages. Other projects vary more in length and complexity, in which case I will provide a quote after our initial consultation.

I don't live near your. Can you still do a life story project for me?

Absolutely. For clients who live remotely, I use a technology called Google Voice to record interviews over the phone.

I have part of a project completed but need help finishing it. Can you help?

Yes. I can work with whatever material you have already prepared, whether it be recorded interviews with a parent, a collection of journals, or a rough manuscript, and turn it into a beautiful, completed book.

Will my life story book sound like me?

Yes. As a writer, it is of utmost importance to me to preserve your unique storytelling style so that loved ones who read your book will hear your voice in their mind. The editing process will create structure, smooth out sentences, and help the story flow, but I promise I will NOT turn you into a snooty, stuffy robot. Your story will sound natural. It will sound like you.

How many copies of the book do I get?

You may order as many copies as you like. The cost of printing is separate from my fee. I use an online print-on-demand publisher, which means you can order copies directly from them, as many as you want and whenever you want--even a months after the project is finished when you realize you never gave a copy to Great Aunt June!

How long does it take to complete a life story project?

This depends on the breadth of the project, but typically it takes four to eight months from start (initial consultation) to finish (printed book in hands).

Can a life story project be given as a gift?

Yes! Life story books make wonderful gifts for anniversaries and birthdays for aging parents or grandparents. I do have gift certificates available.