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Project Profile: The Culvers

Several months ago, a friend of mine from high school reached out to me and asked me to do a life story book for her grandparents. She interviewed them for a couple of hours and sent me the sound files along with several photos, and we were able to create a beautiful mini life story book for them:

For this husband-and-wife book, some chapters were narrated by Mavis and some were narrated by Warn

I had an instant soft spot for this couple because they are also from Idaho. (Idahoans unite!)

Matching outfits...and hairstyles!

Warn's growing up chapter begins with a story about a bird he and his mother take unfortunately met its end at the hand of an angry neighbor.

Warn served in the U.S. Army in Korea, first as a postman and then on the frontlines

Warn earned money winning boxing matches and car races as a young adult when he returned from the war.

Mavis recalled taking their kids to the races and how the cars would sling mud into the stands when they came around the corner.

Mavis nearly missed her own wedding, and had Warn sweating! In the end, she made it to the church in time.

Mavis' babies were all born quickly. Warn didn't make it to the hospital in time for the first one! Their kids' names are Randy, Candy, Sandi, and Vandy (who goes by Craig)

Interested in creating your own mini life story book for yourself or a loved one? Learn more here, or contact me here.

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