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Resource Gathering

Before we begin interviews, we create a vision for your project by talking about the most important stories of your life you want to include, pulling from memory-evoking resources including journals, photos albums, and memorabilia. Gleaning from these resources, we will create a rough outline of your life story book that will help guide the interview process.


Your story begins with the telling, of course. In the comfort of your home (or over the phone for remote clients), I will meet with you for interviews. These will be enjoyable for both of us as we take a walk down your memory lane. I will prepare questions that help guide your reminiscing and bring back the most meaningful memories. The interviews will be recorded so I don't miss a single detail when sitting down to write and so I can simply focus on listening to you. 

Transcription and Editing

Once our interviews are complete, I will transcribe them into written form. From there I will create a flowing narrative of your stories, lightly editing while preserving your voice and style. The editing process includes organizing the book into chapters and sub-sections so it is easy to read. You will have the final say on every word in the manuscript--changing, adding, or deleting where desired. 

Book Design and Printing

Once the manuscript is exactly how you want it, we will begin book design. We can incorporate photos and memorabilia, family trees and more to bring your book to life and make it beautiful. This process includes interior and cover design. Finally, I will walk you through the printing process so you can hold the book in your hands and share it with loved ones, creating an heirloom to last for generations. 

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